Friday, May 23, 2008


We are camping this weekend at KOA Campground (known to most as Little River Campground). We got to the campground yesterday. We love to go camping and "rough it" for a few days. And yes from the picture you will see Taylor using the computer. We are roughing it this weekend with electricity, water, cable, and internet. We do what we have to!!

We hung out at the campground this morning. Later in the afternoon we went to Cades Cove and drove around the Loop. We also enjoyed a picnic lunch. It was a a fun day! While on the loop ride we saw several deer, several bears, lots of butterflies, and saw (and heard) lots of secada.

I will post more later. Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Amy

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Piano Recital

On Saturday, Taylor and Aubrey had a piano recital at South Side Baptist Church. They take piano lessons from Mrs. Jennifer. We met Mrs. Jennifer in August when we started lessons. She is so sweet and caring. She is already a speical person to our family. The girls enjoy going to piano lessons and learning from Mrs. Jennifer.

Taylor chose to play "Ode to Joy" and "When the Saints Go Marching In" for her recital pieces. Aubrey chose to play "Praise Him, Praise Him" and "This Land is Your Land" for her recital pieces. Mrs. Jennifer encouraged them to memorize these pieces for the recital.

This is Taylor's second year of piano lessons and Aubrey's first year of piano lessons. They both are doing so good and I am so proud of them. Of course, I am so happy they want to play the piano. They also have a great love of music that they enjoy expressing through singing, dancing, and piano.

We had a "reception" after the recital at our house in honor of the girls. We had great fellowship with family and enjoyed spending the afternoon with everyone.

Aubrey, Mrs. Jennifer and Taylor

Taylor playing during the recital

Aubrey playing during the recital

Mother's Day

We have just finished a great week.

Let me catch you up about Mother's Day. We had dinner at our house for our family on Saturday evening. It was a great time of family being over and to celebrate the love of our mothers.

I want to say how thankful I am to my mom. She has always been the best mom. She means so much to me. She is so helpful to me when I have issues about raising two daughters. She is exactly the mom I want to be for Taylor and Aubrey. Last August she scared us with some health problems. It really made me realize how much I depend on her and how much she helps me. She is the first person I call when I need to borrow something or need help with something. She is the best and I love her very much.

I am very thankful to be a mother to Taylor and Aubrey. They are both so special and precious to me. Each one is unique and I am so happy I have them both. Each day I enjoy spending time with them and seeing "life" through their eyes. We share many experiences together and much laughter. They are wonderful daughters and I am so proud to be their mother.

On Mother's Day, we had a great day at church on Sunday. The music was wonderful, there was a testimony of God's faithfulness from a young mother who attends our church, and Brother Hollie's sermon was awesome about 5 things we must teach our children. It was a great Mother's Day service in church. After church we went to lunch with family and had a great meal and great fellowship. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Ford for a great relaxing Mother's Day meal!!

After lunch, Jody, Taylor, Aubrey and I were off to Pigeon Forge for vacation. We had a great time of realxing and having fun. It was great to get away and all of us spend time together. We went to Dixie Stampede one night for dinner. This was the first visit for Taylor and Aubrey. They enjoyed the pre-show, the food, eating with our fingers, and the battle between the North and South. We did cheer the South to victory if you were wondering!! We had a great time.

One day we went to Gatlinburg and ate at our favorite breakfast restaurant. We went to Pancake Pantry. It was delicious. While in Gatlinburg, Taylor, Aubrey and I rode the Chair Lift. This was the first time on the chair lift for Aubrey. She really enjoyed it. We could not get Jody to ride with us, something about the heights and the chairs being on wires!! After spending time in Gatlinburg, we went to the Chimneys to climb rocks and see the water. It was so pretty. We sat on the rocks and enjoyed the sound of the water flowing. The girls had fun "skipping" rocks and collecting rocks for their rock collection. Of course we had a photo session of the girls. We ended the time at the water by Aubrey wanting to hug Taylor for a picture and both falling into the freezing water.

The rest of the time was spent relaxing, watching movies, swimming, shopping, and eating. It was a fun week.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Summer 2007

Washington, DC

This is another favorite place. We visited Washington, DC in April.

We went to New York in April. Here is a slideshow of some of pictures we took.

Welcome to our Blog

This is our new blog set up to chronicle our life. We had started a web page but decided due to me being addicted to blog reading, a blog was a better solution. Here we plan to share our family adventures. We expect this year to be full of exciting experiences. Here are pictures of some things we love. We love Disney World. We love to go camping. We love to spend time together at home and on trips. I will be posting soon about other places we have visited and other things we enjoy doing.
Please add us to your favorites and check back often. Also please feel free to comment. I promise we'll stay here.