Monday, March 17, 2014

More of YOU and Less of me

I love this song. I truly believe I now grasp the words of this song, More of You and Less of me."
 I have not always understood but I do now.
I have come to believe that being a wife and mother is one of the most humbling jobs on the planet.
Its not just because I clean toilets and floors, or because I have scrubbed puke, snot, pee, and poop off of beds, floors, couches, walls, ceilings, car floors/seats, and anything else you can imagine. I have also been covered in all of those things.
Yes, I am in charge of the household nastiness & I am to somehow make it all look pretty:)

Its mainly because I have realized in this job that I am not very patient, nice, loving, or selfless. This is a painful reality but not one I will accept. I need more of Jesus and less of Amy every single day!

My attitude is not always pleasant, I thank God that he didnt give us the abililty to read minds.
Shamefully, my family of 4 has seen the worst in me.
However, I know that Gods strength is made perfect in my weakness! I cling to that and depend on that with all my breath in my lowest points.
My prayer today and every day forever is that I will not be who I am today, tomorrow. I  am a work in more no less.
In order for me to find pure joy in an every day,  I need to cling to Jesus. I need His patience and love.
When I look to Him for strength, I am truly able to LOVE LOVE what I do and LOVE my family in a way that brings honor to God and puts a smile on their face. No complaining, no short is beautiful.