Thursday, October 22, 2009

What has been going on?

We have been having lots of fun in the last few weeks. Here are some updated pictures of Maggie. In the first part of the slide show she had long hair. In the second part of the slide show, she had been groomed. Although you can not really tell in the pictures, you could tell in "real life". She looked so cute.

Aubrey's friend Sydney has been over a couple of times and Aubrey has loved that.

We have a little boy across the street that the girls are crazy about. He just turned 3 years old and is really sweet. He loves playing with "the girls" as he calls them :) Taylor is holding him in the slide show.

The girls danced at the Fall Festival in Maryville last weekend. It was COLD!! They did a good job dancing and you could not even tell they were cold :) There is a picture of them at Fall Festival, of course they have on all their coats, gloves, etc. There is also a picture of some art that is made out of license plates. It was so cool. I really enjoyed seeing this.

Maggie also had a friend over to visit. My aunt and uncle let us take care of their shih tzu for a week while they went on vacation. Maggie had a fun time with Chloe after she made sure Chloe knew the rules at "her house"! Maggie had some jealousy when Taylor and Aubrey would play with Chloe and not her but other than that she did really good and shared with Chloe.

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