Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Kelly at Kelly's Korner posted about her simple pleasures and it was so much fun to read! So here are some of my simple pleasures in no particular order. These are things that make me happy :)

Walking into a warm house on a really cold day

Unprompted kisses and hugs from my girls

Date with my hubby

Nice spring days

Seeing my girls happy and having fun

Summer Time

Reading a good book

The whole Christmas Season

Diet Dr. Pepper

All the laundry done and put away

A good movie

A clean house

Freshly washed sheets on the bed

Fresh cut grass

Birds singing

Friend requests on Facebook


Watching my children sleep

Cotton candy

Disney World

Sand between my toes

A delicious Orange Julius

Hearing one of your favorite songs on the radio

Having a good hair day

Waking up before your alarm goes off and realize you can still get more sleep

A sweet note in the mail from a friend

Seeing God's wonder in a sunset

Phone call and e-mail from a friends

Freshly mopped and vacuumed floors

A Saturday with nothing to do

Lunch with a friend

Finding change (or dollars) in your pocket or purse

My dog licking me

The whole family cuddling up in bed together and laughing

Snow days

Day at the beach


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