Tuesday, March 19, 2013

recap of week

A few years ago, I would blog each week about the happenings in the King house from the week before.  This was great for using as a journal and a great way for me to see what was really going on in our lives.  Anyway, I got busy and distracted and I stopped this blog posting and I have missed sharing with you about our life.  Therefore, I am beginning again!! 

So, I am not sure what day I will post this and I am not sure what title will be given each week but I am sure that I will begin again!!  The day and title will come I am sure :) I will begin taking pictures each day of happenings but this past week will not have pictures.  The days do not seem very interesting to many I am sure...but to me it is a journal.  I am not going to include many school events, other than extra fun and different than normal daily school events - just remember that each day involves school time and learning :))

* Sunday: time change last night and lost an hour of sleep due to springing forward!!  needed a nap most of the day :) enjoyed a great time of worship and a wonderful sermon.  This month the topic is "the Nest" at church and Brother Hollie will be reminding and challenging us about family, home, and children.  I am excited.  

*Monday: co-op classes for the girls and I teach a co-op class that is so fun.  I enjoy spending time with the kids in my class, it is a time of fun and learning from each other. ( I will share more each week about my class and the girls classes). J is also home this week and I am loving that!!  He has been traveling each week, but this week he is home.  Tonight we had dinner at Nana and Papaw's house that was yummy and good time with each.  

*Tuesday: dance classes for the girls that I will share about more each week.  T had a MRI done on her knee to give the doctor a better look at what is going on.  I will share more about this next week after follow-up appointment.  

*Wednesday: church night - more on that in the future

*Thursday: haircut for me - love getting my hair washed, cut, and fixed.  We went to see the spring program presented by River's Edge Christian Academy.  It was good to see people we had not seen in a while and the kids did a great job.  

* Friday: new tires for my Honda Pilot :( trying to decide if I want to sale or trade the Honda Pilot and get a vehicle that is smaller and has less payment.  I need to really decide what I am doing about this next week.  Either way - I have new tires and they are wonderful!!  They are like riding in the clouds and so smooth.  We began T's birthday celebration tonight with J's family.  We had dinner, cookie cake, gifts, lots of fun, and special memories with family.  

*Saturday: T and A went to Nashville with Granny and Pops to continue the celebration of T's birthday.  J and I ate breakfast in downtown Knoxville, went to Home Show where we dreamed about remodeling, ran errands, car shopping, eating dinner at the best Mexican restaurant that we love, and just enjoyed spending the day together.  It was a fun day and the weather was wonderful!!

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