Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Great Fall Cleanup

Like everyone, I’m on a mission to to declutter our whole house. I am starting today!! I am in the process of decluttering every closet, drawer, shelf, every space in my house!!

You all know how much I love STUFF. I just don’t want the stuff we don’t need, use or treasure to weigh down our lives.

So…I came up with a plan. I want to tackle the problem areas of our home that are kind of bigger than life.

One area is the garage. It has not really been decluttered since we moved in, but I have a plan to change this!!I am not sure how we accumulated so much stuff??? CRAZY

And also on my plan is -- our master closet. It is bad. It is life threatening to even go into the closet. No joke!!!

Another area is my kitchen cabinets, can't even talk about them.

I only have given myself about one month to complete these tasks. But I am determined to get our WHOLE house under control before the holidays hit. And this time, they will stay that way – I have absolutely no doubt in my mind.

And just so you don’t think I’ve completely lost my organizing style, my kitchen pantry is good and my laundry room is organized : )

I will be sure and take before/after pictures so that you can see the changes and improvements :)

It amaze me how a decluttered space seems to make my life go smoother. I love it.

So that’s my plan for the Great Fall Clean Up at the King house.

Is there a space that is putting you over the edge? Join me in my Great Fall Cleanup!!

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