Friday, October 1, 2010

No Fear/No Worry

"I will have no fear of bad news. MY heart is steadfast TRUSTING the Lord." Psalm 112:7

This was my devotional theme yesterday from "Jesus Calling". For the last few weeks, I have not had a good night sleep because of worry and fear. I wake up and have all kinds of things going on in my mind. During the day, I just start thinking about things and worrying and having fear :(

I pray that if you are in a place of worry like I have been, to cast those over to the Lord. I am tying to do this. When those doubts and fears come in, replace them with what God's word says. This is something I need to do on a daily basis, hourly in fact.

Remember that fear is never from the Lord. Satan will put those fears in your mind. If he can get you to believe them, then you will begin to act them out and he will have you in a place where you are in bondage to those fears. When you are in bondage to them, you can't fully see what the Lord has for you and the goodness and peace he can bring to you.

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