Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday!! I do not have any pictures to post from Thanksgiving Day because I left my camera at our first stop and did not take pictures there and did not have it the rest of the day :(

We had a great day of eating too much food and spending great time with family. We have much to be thankful for every day of the year!!

I am going to list my 'ABC's of Thanks'.

A- Amazing Grace. Thankful for the amazing grace that I get from God.
B- Bible
C- Children. Taylor. Aubrey
D- Dogs and my sweet Maggie :)
E- Energy. I'm thankful for the energy I have most days to be the mom and person I need to be.
F- Food :)
G- Grandparents
H- Homeschooling. I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to homeschool my girls.
I- Ice Cream - my favorite is Peppermint at the moment :)
J- Jokes. I love things that make me laugh.
K- Kindness. So thankful for kind people and kind friends. Just kind things in general. :)
L- Love. The love of my Savior. my husband. my kids. my family.
M- Mommy necklaces. I think they are so cute. I have been looking at them today on baby half off. I'm tempted to buy one, or two for myself as a Christmas gift.
N- Nieces and a nephew
O- Ocean. One of my favorite places to be!!
P- Parents
Q- Quiet time.
R- Rainbows the colors. They still represent one of God's promises
S- Smiles
T- Thanksgiving Day
U- Understanding.
V- Van. I'm thankful for a vehicle to drive.
W- Water. To drink. to bathe. to swim.
X- x'tra comfy blankets
Y- You!
Z- Zany. I'm thankful for the zany things in my life that makes it perfectly fun and zany.

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