Saturday, September 19, 2009

Baby Britton

Britton came to visit this week. We love our visits from Britton!! He is growing and is so sweet! He had lots of fun being spoiled by all of us :) We found a Tigger outfit for him to maybe wear on Halloween if his mom chooses. However, we could not wait until Halloween to see how cute he looked in the costume so we put it on him!! He was a good sport about it, not sure what he thought about it...

There are a couple of pictures of Maggie also. She was 14 weeks old this week. She does really well when we have babies in the house. She loves to watch them and figure out the noises they are making. While Britton was napping and I was holding him, Maggie had her paw on Britton's foot watching him. She was too sweet! I wish I had gotten a picture of that but I did not want to put Britton down and miss out on cuddling him!!

Thanks Beverly for letting Britton come visit. We have a great time with him and are looking forward to watching him grow up.

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