Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Wonderful Thing

This was part of my devotion reading today:

A Wonderful Thing

Being a mother is a wonderful thing,
My bedside alarm, it never need ring,
I'm awakened each day with bright cheerful faces,
And soon 'round the table they've all taken places.

Our meal is seasoned with plenty of chatter,
The fruit and the muffins fly from the platter,
There are stories to share and a Bible verse too,
We reverently pray - it's not always a zoo!

The day is so full of a number of things;
First chores, then schoolwork, then song practicings,
Cooking and cleaning and book-reading too,
A mom of wee children has plenty to do!

I've heard busy times end as quick as they start,
So, I'll treasure these days, store them up in my heart,
Small children grow up- the time goes so fast,
The business of mothering soon will be past.

Be cheerful and thankful each day that you've got,
Grater joy anywhere, there surely is not!
As you work through your duties may God hear you sing
'Cause being a mother is a wonderful thing!

by Lora Nola

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