Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rainy Day

Today was rainy all day. This was the first day in awhile that we have not been really busy and had lots of places to go and lots we had to do. So, we took advantage of the rainy day.

We took our time in school today and talked about many new things. We ran a few errands this afternoon and had lunch at Cracker Barrel sitting by a fire, then home for 6 hours straight during the day!! This does not happen very much for us :(

So, what did we do?

Well, I am glad you asked... there was napping (by Maggie!!) , playing Guitar Hero, finishing with the Christmas decorating, laughing, and having fun together!! It was a wonderful rainy afternoon.

We are now getting ready to leave for tap class at the dance studio...not looking forward to getting out in the rain.

Enjoy the rainy evening.

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