Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Who got their ears pierced?

Also on our last camping trip, the girls got their ears pierced. They both had wanted to do it for a long and never followed through with having it done. So, the week before we went camping they decided that it was time. They had talked about it all week. They thought they were ready!!

Jody and I took the girls to Claire's for the ear piercing. We had checked the day before to find out when 2 people would be at the store to pierce both ears at the same time. I thought it was important to have them done at the same time so that no one would change her mind after one ear was pierced!!

Aubrey went first and did great. She was so excited to have her ears pierced again (she had them done when she was about 3 years old). She was really brave.

Then it was Taylor's time. Taylor had changed her mind about getting her ears pierced during the time Aubrey was getting hers done!! When Aubrey was all done and it was Taylor's turn, Taylor was telling me that she was not getting hers done. After some persuasion and bribing (yes I believe bribing your children is okay at times!) Taylor got her ears pierced. She was so happy afterwards and said it did not hurt as bad as she had thought it would!!

Thanks to the 2 ladies at Clarie's that put up with the drama of ear piercing in the King family. Thanks to Mrs. Carol for your encouragement and help in the ear piercing experience.

I am so proud of Taylor and Aubrey for getting their ears pierced. They have been taking excellent care of them everyday doing exactly what they are suppose to after getting them pierced. They are so excited to start wearing different earrings everyday!!

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